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AMS Refrigeration


Cold & Freezer Rooms

A.M.S specialise in the design/installation and commissioning of cold store equipment, from small catering coldrooms to large hospital freezer rooms.

Cellar Cooling

A.M.S supply and install a complete range of cellar cooling refrigeration systems including whisper quiet condensing unit for public houses in residential areas.

Ice Machines

From servicing and repairs to sales of new and reconditioned units. A.M.S can  also provide an ice machine rental service.

Maintenance, Service and Repair

Recent changes to Refrigerant regulations mean  Refrigeration and air conditioning units with at least 3kg of refrigerant must be inspected every year.

Are you complying to your statutory check? Do you know how much refrigerant is in your system?

Regular, scheduled service must be carried out to keep Commercial Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in top working order, optimising its accuracy and efficiency. Preventive maintenance reduces any possibility of equipment failing before they actually do, and enhances the reliability of equipment by replacing any worn components prior to them failing.

The undertaking includes regular and routine cleaning, calibrating & adjusting, lubricating, testing, and, where necessary, replacing components and avoiding breakdown. The capability and thorough training of

A.M.S Refrigeration staff ensures your unit’s equipment is operated with optimum efficiency and its life expectancy is stretched to its maximum potential.

The frequency of the task is dependent upon frequency of usage as well as the unit type. An air conditioning unit used heavily should be checked and cleaned more often than one less often used. The PPM regularity suggested in manufacturers’ manuals are a good guide, but the frequency of usage of an air conditioning unit should be used to dictate the required regularity of maintenance.

Service, Breakdown & Emergency Call Outs

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment can be vital to a business. Faults or break-down can massively affect the atmosphere of your workplace/shop/restaurant/home and may need immediate repair.

A.M.S Refrigeration offer comprehensive call out service 24 hours a day, should this happen. Clients contracted to us are secure with the benefit of our 24 hour call service. We are experienced experts in the repair air conditioning units.

Emergency Repair and Call Outs

We support all our Refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance contract customers with a comprehensive 24 hour call out service. Contracted and non-contracted customers. Call now on 01452 855260

Reconditioned Refrigeration Equipment

All fully reconditioned in our workshop by our own engineers. All equipment is backed by our full 6 months parts and labour warranty.