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Air Conditioning Supply

There’s no need to suffer indoors in summer when the comfort of modern air conditioning is just a phone call away.

At A.M.S we only supply air conditioning units from the leading manufacturers so any system we fit will be of the highest quality. A.M.S Refrigeration supply air conditioning units from tested and assured manufacturers listed below.

Modern air conditioning units are more affordable and more effective than ever before. They’re virtually silent and a lot less obtrusive than previously. They’re easily adjustable for individual room temperatures, so each room can have the perfect temperature control all year round.

Modern air conditioning units also offer quality climate control for any interior. The air becomes cleaner and less humid and some systems even filter out the allergens known to trigger hay fever and asthma.
Property owners can also find that installation of an air conditioning unit can increase the value of their asset.

Air Conditioning for the Home

› Is sleeping uncomfortable during those long hot summer nights?

› Are you concerned about the environment and reducing your carbon footprint?

A-rated air con systems are environmentally friendly and cost effective. They heat and cool from one unit, with up to 400% more energy efficiency than standard heating systems. This means you can reduce fuel costs in the winter and have a comfortable home environment in the summer, whilst reducing your bills.
Two well positioned units inside a standard 2 bedroom home can supply air conditioning throughout the house. Installing air conditioning for the home means absolute temperature control as well as removal of condensation and filtering of the air.

Air Conditioning for the Offices

› Is the office far too hot and stuffy?

› Are you and your staff complaining?

› Could productivity levels be increased?

With a lot of staff and computers/machinery, your workplace will get hot and your staff will be less comfortable and lose concentration.

With costs always on the rise, it is important to increase efficiency and production levels.

Air Conditioning in Server Rooms

› Computers don’t like it hot

› But they do get hot and they then don’t work as well and often break down or crash.

We know the cost of loss of information and the impact of downtime.

Installing air conditioning in a server room will increase efficiency and extend the life of the equipment, as well as reduce possibility of failure and bring down service and maintenance costs.

Server rooms get notoriously hot due the shear volume of equipment operating inside them. It’s of extreme importance to keep your server room air conditioned to optimum temperature.

Air Conditioning for Retail Shops

Retail and shop air conditioning installations need to be implemented in short periods of time.

Design-wise the equipment must be as unobtrusive as possible.

Shop installations are often in the ceiling so that wall and floor space can be kept clear.

They must be robust to deal with a demanding working environment where footfall and natural temperature variants are high.

A.M.S Refrigeration is committed to working where speed, co-operation and flexibility are as vital as the systems themselves.

Maintenance, Service and Repair

Recent changes to Refrigerant regulations mean air conditioning units with at least 3kg of refrigerant must be inspected every year. Are you complying to your statutory check? Do you know how much refrigerant is in your system?

Regular, scheduled service must be carried out to keep Commercial Refrigeration Equipment and air conditioning equipment in top working order, optimising its accuracy and efficiency. Preventive maintenance reduces any possibility of equipment failing before they actually do, and enhances the reliability of equipment by replacing any worn components prior to them failing.

The undertaking includes regular and routine cleaning, calibrating & adjusting, lubricating, testing, and, where necessary, replacing components and avoiding breakdown. The capability and thorough training of A.M.S Refrigeration staff ensures your unit’s equipment is operated with optimum efficiency and its life expectancy is stretched to its maximum potential.

The frequency of the task is dependent upon frequency of usage as well as the unit type. An air conditioning unit used heavily should be checked and cleaned more often than one less often used. The PPM regularity suggested in manufacturers’ manuals are a good guide, but the frequency of usage of an air conditioning unit should be used to dictate the required regularity of maintenance.

Service, Breakdown & Emergency Call Outs

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment can be vital to a business. Faults or break-down can massively affect the atmosphere of your workplace/shop/restaurant/home and may need immediate repair. A.M.S Refrigeration offer comprehensive call out service 24 hours a day, should this happen. Clients contracted to us are secure with the benefit of our 24 hour call service. We are experienced experts in the repair air conditioning units.

Filter Cleaning

Filters must be regularly cleaned and replaced to keep your air conditioning system working quietly and efficiently. Commercial and domestic customers can take advantage of our maintenance contracts which include inspection, cleaning and replacing.

Emergency Repair and Call Outs

We support all air conditioning maintenance contract customers with a comprehensive 24 hour telephone and call out service to contracted and non-contracted customers. Call now on 01452 855260

Items repaired:

› Cold/freezer rooms
› Display cabinets
› Ice machines
› Cellar coolers
› Water chillers
› Air conditioning systems